Welcome to my blog.

I’m Lorna, click mother, viagra 60mg wife, information pills organizer, friend, former consultant to health care and education organizations, retired (sometimes semi-retired If I am coaxed back to work to earn money to travel). I have researched and written many reports about numerous topics and am using these skills to explore how to make my retirement, and maybe that of others, vibrant and alive.  My first love was English literature (Bachelor of Arts).  Later in my 30s I did a Masters of Science in health planning and administration, so I could work.  I’m passionate about reading (back to my first love), movies, cooking, politics and travel and finding interesting, quirky and inspirational things to do.

I’m 71, have trouble losing weight, trying to stay fit and active, and great at procrastination – other topics I might explore if I can find a way not to bore myself.