The Best Brothers is written by and starring Daniel MacIvor.  John Beale plays the other brother.  Two middle-aged brothers whose mother has died bicker about their memories and who she loved best.  The repartee is witty and sad.  It’s a small play but funny and moving.


The Matchmaker by Thornton Wilder is the play on which Hello Dolly was based.  I’m not a big fan of farce but this is well-played by Seana McKenna as Dolly and Tom McCamus as Horace Vancergelder, remedy a wealthy curmugeon who is looking for a wife.  Apparently Wilder was influenced by Moliere whose farces I also don’t like much.  It’s played over the top with a lot of shouting and silly actions.  The acting is uniformly good especially the Chief Clerk, Mike Shara who was also excellent in Cymbeline as the arrogant lout.  Wonderful sets too – Stratford really knows how to do these.

Gilbert & Sullivan’s Pirates of Penzance is silly and a lot of fun with great singing and very funny set pieces.  A lot of the cast from 42nd Street were in this and they were all excellent.

After seven plays in four days it’s been a great ride.  I think I have to come back more often. The plays are mostly wonderful, the actors are uniformly good, the sets are outstanding and the town is charming with great women’s clothing shops and restaurants.  I’ll be back.