We walked from 2 km before Palas de Rei, this marker 68 (means 68 km to Santiago).  It was a beautiful sunny fall day today and the walking was pretty flat although what the Spaniards call flat is sometimes up and down hills.  Unfortunately I’ve got a blood blister under my big toenail.  The others tell me that it’s from walking downhill a lot and your toe hits the end of the boot.  I walked with my sandals today and it was fine – doesn’t hurt as long as nothing is pressing on it.  We have three doctors among us so I should be okay.  I walked 11 km till we stopped for lunch at Casa de Somoza and had a nice omelette.  The proprietor wanted to take a picture with us so we took these wearing his hat and staff.




Jason drove us for four km through an industrial part and then Betty and I walked another 1.5 km into the town of Melide (marker 51) – quite large, about 15,000 people where we met the others at the Bar Chaplin – everything about Charlie Chaplin.  We are staying in a very nice, very large farmhouse, palazzo and all the others have gone to mass.  We’ll meet at 7:45 to discuss some of our readings about the Camino and then dinner at 8:30 pm.