Today I started right near our hotel and the others went back to Melide – about an additional 5 km – to start from where we left off yesterday.  It was raining but soon stopped and the sun came out. I walked about 7 km to lunch through some beautiful countryside, this and then another 7 km after lunch mostly uphill.  My legs were really sore at the end of that.  We’ve met people who have  been walking for 29 days with huge packsacks.  I don’t know how they do that – some of them are so hunched over.  Yesterday we had a reading from something called “Walk in Relaxed Manner”.  I certainly do that but some people walk really fast and don’t look around.

Scenes from the trail:




We’re staying in a beautiful 300 year old property owned by a noble family that has been owned by one family all that time.  The present owners have restored the buildings and made bedrooms.