Today I started right near our hotel and the others went back to Melide – about an additional 5 km – to start from where we left off yesterday.  It was raining but soon stopped and the sun came out. I walked about 7 km to lunch through some beautiful countryside, dosage and then another 7 km after lunch mostly uphill.  My legs were really sore at the end of that.  We’ve met people who have  been walking for 29 days with huge packsacks.  I don’t know how they do that – some of them are so hunched over.  Yesterday we had a reading from something called “Walk in Relaxed Manner”.  I certainly do that but some people walk really fast and don’t look around.

Scenes from the trail:




We’re staying in a beautiful 300 year old property owned by a noble family that has been owned by one family all that time.  The present owners have restored the buildings and made bedrooms.

Today I only walked about 8 km.  My legs are killing me and I felt like I should have stayed at the hotel.  Jason made us a picnic under the trees which was very nice and then I rode the bus to the next stop.  It was very hot today – 22 degrees but lovely and cool in the shady lanes where we walked.  We talked to a guy who had walked from France – 800 km and wanted to continue today because we are only 15 km from Santiago, unhealthy
our destination.  He said he had been sleeping in one of the hostels and someone poked him with his stick because he was snoring.  The room was full of 50 people snoring.  He met the guy on the trail by a monument where you put a stone and ask for forgiveness and the guy apologized.