We went to the end of the world today, this Finisterre.  In medieval times they believed the world ended here because it was the farthest point you could go.  We took our bus the 60 or so km and then people walked the last 4 km.  I rode the bus to the beach and read my book till the others arrived.  Alex, stomach an American (looks like a kid) who owns the company and speaks street Spanish, came with us along with Pepi, our bus driver and Jason, who has been with us the whole time (We said goodbye to them today).  The picture of me is at the marker for Mile 0 or Km 0.  It was a beautiful sunny windy day.




We had a great lunch with salad, veal scallopine, french fries and these wonderful peppers they call pimentos – roasted in olive oil with sea salt – delicious.

Everyone else seems to have gotten a cold over the last two weeks but I’ve been immune till today.  I was hoping to find some vitamin C but got a packet with a little Vitamin C and a whole bunch of other things which I can’t take.  I’ll check out the airport tomorrow.