I arrived in Paris on Saturday  evening and am staying near the St. Lazare train station on Haussman Boulevard.  I walked around yesterday but it was very cold. The news is about a cold front in Europe and snow – didn’t have that but it was very chilly. I also missed the time change which was a bit confusing but as I was walking along I saw people lined up for a movie, buy Skyfall, the new James Bond one, so I did too and got to see a movie at 10:30 in the morning,  I thought it was terrific but I haven’t seen a movie in over two weeks.  And French movie theatres are so comfortable – large well-padded seats.

I continued walking for the rest of the day – Paris is a great walking city and I saw areas I hadn’t before and some I have.

Later today I’ll be meeting friends and going to Normandy tomorow.  I won’t be posting again till I get home.

I had to add this – It’s Monday and I went out to Galleries Lafayette, a high end department store with all the fancy designers, near my hotel.  I had a cappucino and contemplated the opulence and the difference between the simplicity of the Camino and the demand for luxury items.