The-Sapphires-movie-poster-2Inspired by a true story of four real women, side effects The Sapphires is a delightful Australian movie about 4 young Aboriginal woman who want to sing.  It’s predictable but lovely.  Set in the early 1960s the movie touches on some serious topics like racism, illness the stealing of light skinned aboriginal children to assimilate them into white culture, the war in Viet Nam, but mostly is a warm-hearted tale with great soul music.  The girls audition before a nasty white crowd but the good hearted, alcoholic, emcee/piano player likes them and goes with them to act as their agent and to audition to play in Viet Nam.  Of course they get the gig and lots of music, dance, and 60’s short A-line dresses and white boots ensues.  Their agent, played by Chris O’Dowd, is terrific as are the young women.