From the sculpture garden

From the sculpture gardenNo bugs here – no flies, ailment
no mosquitos – it’s too high and too dry.  The weather is warm in the day – 20 degrees and cooler at night.  You need to carry water because you get dehydrated easily.   We visited a sculpture garden and some contemporary galleries.  Like contemporary art everywhere it’s not always easy to understand what was in the artist’s mind.  We also went to a farmer’s market with local products like green chili mustard.

Sculpture garden

Sculpture garden


Our local guide told us that New Mexico is one of the poorest states – mostly agrarian but Sante Fe is quite wealthy.  You don’t see much poverty here. Several very expensive stores.

Yesterday we visited the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture and learned a lot about the history of Natives here.  The Pueblo Indians were here first and were agrarian.  Later Athabaska Indians from Canada came – they are called Apache and Navajo here and Dene in Canada.  They were nomadic.  The art was interesting.  Woven bowls and any other art had to have a way for the spirit to escape so there is always a break in the line or an additional line for the spirit to leave.

Our art tour is over.  Today we walked down Canyon road which must have 100 galleries in a mile or so road.  We went into 30 at least, link
mostly contemporary, before going to a tea house and resting.  Tomorrow we’ll visit the Railyard district again and go into the many galleries there.