Oct. 1st –  6th – Kim’s Convenience, Pacific Theatre; pacifictheatre.org

Oct. 1st – 6th – Kamloopa; The Cultch; high energy Indigenous matriarchal story follows two urban Indigenous sisters and a lawless trickster who face the world head-on as they come to terms with what it means to honour who they are and where they come from; thecultch.com

Oct. 1st – 6th – Les Belles-Soeurs; Gateway Theatre, Richmond; by Michel Tremblay and produced by Ruby Slippers Theatre; gatewaytheatre.com

Oct. 1st – 7th – The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time; Stanley Theatre, Arts Club;winner of 2015 Tony award for best play; artsclub.com

Oct. 1st-  12th – Vancouver International Film Festival, various venues; viff.org

Oct. 1st – 14th – Incognito Mode; A Play About Porn; Studio58; neworldtheatre.com; ticketstonight.ca

Oct. 1st – 20th – Mustard, Granville Island Stage, Arts Club; darkly comic tale about growing up; artsclub.com

Oct 1st  – Dec. 15th – Patricia Piccinini’s CURIOUS IMAGININGS at the Patricia Hotel -immersive art installation; https://www.vancouverbiennale.com/event/patricia-piccininis-curious-imaginings-exhibit-at-the-patricia-hotel/

Oct. 2nd – 13th – Testosterone, York Theatre; A funny, fearless, and spectacle-filled exploration of identity, masculinity, and digging deep to find the person within; thecultch.com

Oct. 2nd – 21st – A Vancouver Guldasta, Culture Lab, The Cultch; presented with Diwali; thecultch.com

Oct. 5th & 6th – The Piano Teacher, Kay Meek Arts Centre; “a beautiful meditation on loss and the healing power of music; (Arts Club on Tour production); kaymeek.com

Oct. 10th – 20th – A Brief History of Human Extinction, Historic Theatre, The Cultch; thecultch.com

Oct. 12th – 27th – Rebel Women, Deep Cove Shaw Theatre, North Vancouver; deepcove-stage.com

Oct. 13th – Ms. Anna Porter, The Ghosts of Europe: The Return of Tyranny, Natonalism, Racism and Denial to Central Europe, Vancouver Institute Lectures; free; 8:15 pm; Lecture hall No. 2, Instructional Resources Centre, UBC; http://vancouverinstitute.ca

Oct. 13th – 27th – Kill Me Now; Firehall Arts Centre; firehallartscentre.ca

Oct. 18th – 21st – Vancouver Fall Home Show 2018, Vancouver Convention Centre, West; https://vancouverfallhomeshow.com/

Oct. 18th – Nov. 18th – Sweat, Stanley Theatre, Arts Club; “A tough yet empathetic portrait of the America that came undone” —The New Yorker; Winner of the 2017 Pulitzer Prize for Drama; artsclub.com

Oct. 19th – Nov. 10th – The Wolves; Pacific Theatre; A pack of teenage girls prepares for battle on the soccer field; pacifictheatre.org

tries desperately – and hilariously – to convince his artist daughter Janet to take over the store.

Oct. 20th – How Democracies Die, Professor Steven Levitsky, Harvard University; free; 8:15 pm; Lecture hall No. 2, Instructional Resources Centre, UBC; http://vancouverinstitute.ca

Oct. 20th – Nov. 3rd – The Ones We Leave Behind, Historic Theatre, The Cultch; presented by Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre; thecultch.com

Oct. 27th – Evidence in Medicine:  What is it? How Do We Determine It: How Do We Use It To Help Shape Better Outcomes?  Professor Kay Dickersin, John Hopkins, Bloomberg School of Public Health; free; 8:15 pm; Lecture hall No. 2, Instructional Resources Centre, UBC; http://vancouverinstitute.ca

Oct. 30th – Nov. 4th – Backbone; Gravity & Other Myths; Vancouver Playhouse; from Australia; an international circus hit; thecultch.com


Nov. 7th – Dec. 2nd – Vancouver Jewish Film Festival; http://www.vjff.org/