Rock of Ages is a flimsy musical with a little story built around music of the 80s in a “Broadway across Canada” tour.  (Mama Mia did this way better.) The biggest problem is that the music isn’t that good but maybe I’m too old to love the music of the 80s.  Actually there are many big problems.  Now I love musicals and they are often built around a flimsy little story but I can usually suspend disbelief for the sake of the musical.  Here I can’t.  The dialogue is insipid with infantile jokes.  While the narrator is good he doesn’t have much to work with.  Occasionally the satire works – but it is so rare and the rest of it is so boring.  If I hadn’t been sitting in the middle of a row I might have left. Amma Osei, cialis 40mg a big black woman, illness  plays the owner of a stip joint – she’s got the best voice.  But here again is another cliche.  Nothing new or interesting but the Vancouver audience gave them a standing ovation.  Apparently there is a movie coming out with Tom Cruise in the lead which could be worse.